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: ) [Jan. 26th, 2008|11:46 am]

this place is less tacky than xanga jah?

* * *

look there for now; ill be back

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on a high : D [Feb. 5th, 2007|09:26 pm]

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qu'est-ce que c'est - thump thump thump ?Collapse )

there are many reasons why i am on a high.
1. because i have been chatting with my darling ka
2. because i went for my first drive today and it was awesome (AND egotastic. haha)
3. have watched a bit of sntc on youtube and is dreaming that one day will own entire series plus . . . a pair of Manolo Blahnik?? ok maybe a bit TOO high. -_-''
4. because 2 years anniversary, valentines day, design school, my birthday, jacky cheung concert . . . etc etc seems all lined up, a lot to look forward to! as well as coffee sessions, shopping, gigs and sleepover with ka! (will just throw all my sydney grown up worries out the window. when it comes i will handle it. nod . will not dwell on things which have simple solutions)

...and many more but i will spare you babies today . my sister finally got her braces removed, and then we had breakfast in this cute little place in the city :

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ate a lot today . apart from breakfast, i had oatmeal.. gao jee jais ... cheese toast.. bananas and grapes and fruit basket galore .. then had singaporean noodle satay beef and ho fan.

excellent day . haha. mmm. at the moment im not really chatty. so ill update another time : D

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cramps [Jan. 30th, 2007|06:50 pm]

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la neige ~
a snow globe that came in the first large package we sent back from HK
its been a haze of a day. my dad's friend went fishing and caught hugehuge mullets and came by to give two to us! there was a couple of methods of cooking it that we know - either steaming it, then let it cool off, peel skin and dip in soya sauce, or a chiuchow style hotpot stew bubbling the fish in chilli and other little bits and bobs. but cos we were in a hurry to make dinner for surprise guests, my dad just steamed it with pepper and basil, which turned out pretty nice! mullets has a lot of pale yellow oil, which leaked out and had the strongest aroma : )

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(left to right) have a million of these triangle babies per day // roast beef my dad made // we discovered something scary in our neighbour's car, haha // family flip flops // bathroom lights! // : {

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discovered that we have sarng jar beng at home! something that we've had since babies but what exactly is this delicacy? i dont know . haha..

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

out for movies. ciao . <3

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hello hello : D [Jan. 28th, 2007|07:21 pm]

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hello ! these are bears that i saw from japan, they will do a funny little dance if you throw them apples : )

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drew a really bad audrey hepburn to stick on my diary, haaa.
have a bag of goodies to send to moes (for her birthday, which is VERY late now. i thought my parents already helped me mail out, but the trusty pair had forgotten, and also piled up old recycle newspaper ON TOP of it?? hence must rush out to postoffice asap tomorrow)

* * *

will put a stop to withering!!! (as well as feeling sorry for self, take positive actions to improvement rather than constant whining. yes i will!)
mm, didnt do much, another lazy afternoon of watching shinchan clips on youtube and old movie marathon
yesterday had so much food!
we cooked mr crab (sigh, but yum.), had cauliflower that was all soft and creamy like mashed potatoes, mangoes bites


my ex messaged me the other day, the conversation sort of went like this :
him : hey, it's been a while, you disappeared off my list
me : im still .. on your list ?
him : of course! why am i not on yours .. : ( .. ?
um. i really do admire how people can forget everything they've done to another person, and act like sunandshine, everything's fine.
he'd even ask me if i was planning to meet him up last year .
hey, this doesnt reflect that im still the grumpy cow holding on to 'the bygones'
but you really can't expect people to play along the forgive and forget, especially when you've hurt someone (oh so many times) and is completely unremorseful
though , LUCKILY! i have forgotten, haha. but it doesnt mean i will forgive!

my friend, who bumped into my ex and his current at a party, said to me that it was lucky i just missed him, and i asked him if he said hi to him, and he's all "yeah of course, we're alright now, caught up with things and chatted nicely, we're all in uni now, so we're all MATURE." braggartybrag and it goes on from there (similarly with various individuals too)
ok there's something very wrong with this scene (especially the same friend has implied that im very immature for disliking a certain tagalong individual who has the foulest mouth EVER, haha).
i hate it when people, after a few odd months of going away to college, suddenly feel + try to convince others that they are so cool and mature and been flayed by the cruel world (geen gor sai meen)!
i just REALLY want to tell them hello, ive been out here for 2 years (ok you know, its not like ive been through a storm or anything, haha!) and i know a lot of people who's been out there alone for more so stop talking to me about this sort of stuff, of course you'd mature and change over the course, but the rich doesnt brag about being rich~

* * *
lala. there's no beef! im just ranting! haha.
talking about beef, look at my cool cow cup!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i know. it even has the ....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


mmm. what's this?Collapse )

sober. promotes antisocialness and hostility, they should make alcohol pills like nicotine ones. hahh. easy way out for me -_-''

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blah blah bahh blah [Jan. 27th, 2007|06:21 pm]

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mao * a cat thing that my sister made a while ago. i think it's so cute ! haha.. spent a lot of time with rollercoaster mood, painfully depressed one point and then so bubbly with zestforlife that feels like doing a little dance in kmart. yeah .
did a lot of online food blog reading to occupy time .. will attempt the mini bagels i read on deliciousdays SOME time soon.. haha

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

haha! i think this is a funny shot. just saw the difference between printscreen-ing directly from paintshop and from word - blurrryyyyy from the latter. haha, but that's alright since i wanted to pop on the trusty ; { and didnt know how to do it otherwise.
hmmm . didnt take any shots lately, thought we might pop down to the riverside for the australia day fireworks but that proved too much a challenge especially with the weather and all.

i think the entire basis of our relationship has changed. is it just the distance?
...no it's definately not that .
i don't even know what it is. nothing's really wrong, but it's just .. slipping away .
whatever's special.. doesnt seem that special anymore.
you don't seem to need me as much ..


or maybe i just keep imagining things.
as per usual.

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